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If you are having any trouble with the signup forms, or any other part of this website, please write customer service immediately at, or call (480) 212-1900 x4.
I want to add more update hours to my plan
Click here to add more hours.

If your browser is blocking the link above, please send this request to Include your website URL, and how many hours you would like to add.

Additional hours will go into effect immediately.

How do I cancel WebCare®?

WebCare® is billed monthly. You may cancel anytime before your next billing cycle begins, by emailing

If you are moving your site to another host, please be sure to schedule this to be completed by or before the end of your current billing cycle.

I sent a WebCare® request, but no response

First, please check your spam folder for the “Welcome to WebCare®” email. Make sure to whitelist (or add to contacts) the email address that was given to you in your Welcome to WebCare® email, otherwise any responses from WebCare® might be going to your spam folder.

If you still don’t see any communication, please email

I haven't gotten a Google Analytics report

These custom reports are not automatically generated upon signing up for WebCare®. You will need to email your WebCare concierge and make this request and they will be happy to assist you.

I need a website redesign

We are happy to provide a quote for a website redesign. Please send your request and any project requirements to We will schedule a consultation with you regarding your project.

I want to add a new page to my website

We are happy to provide a quote for adding a new webpage to your website (or redesigning an existing page). Please send your request and any project requirements to

I need a website consultation

Are you a WebCare client and have specific website goals you would like to discuss? You can schedule a website consultation, where we will make a plan of action and provide expert insight to improving the user experience on your website. We offer website consultations for 30min at $95, or 60min at $150.

Please request your consultation by emailing

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(480) 212-1900 x4

This number is for customer service only.
We do not accept WebCare requests over the phone.

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