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Why WebCare®?

Better than website management.

Unlike other website management services, there are no language barriers, overseas hours or ticket numbers with WebCare®. You will be introduced to your website concierge upon sign up, and you will work with the same person the whole time.

Your personal WebCare® concierge will build a relationship with you, and know your website inside and out. They will look at each request and how it works for your individual website and business needs, providing you with further feedback and suggestions as needed. You will have a direct email line to them, to send requests whenever you’d like.

Make more requests.

You’re practically unlimited when it comes to the types of tasks you can request from your website concierge. We have the most extensive list of requests that you can make. (In comparison to our competitors, GoDaddy, WPSiteCare, Maintainn and Valet)

The bottom line is we are here to help you, and we want to make that easy. One hour of updates is included in every plan, but some months you may want to do a major content overhaul, or launch a new product line, etc. Just send your website concierge your list and they will quote how many additional hours you’ll need. There is no minimum amount of additional hours you have to purchase, and you just pay for what you need that month. You don’t get locked into a higher monthly premium.

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Add/manage events
Add/manage products
Add/remove plugins
Add/update images on existing pages
Add/update text on existing pages
Add Facebook/Google Pixel
Add Google Analytics tracking
Add Google Search Console verification
Add/edit galleries, captions, text
Add PDFs or automatic downloads
Add slider images and text
Configure plugins
Create pop-up, opt-in, email capture
Custom SEO work
Fix broken links
Resolve technical issues
Set up Google Analytics
Set up redirects
Source images for blog/articles
Update meta tags for SEO optimization
Update site navigation

We strategize ways to help your website grow.

Website management should be proactive, to stay ahead of the curve. Take the guesswork out of “what to do next” to make your website great. Twice a month we’ll provide professional knowledge from our experts, and simplified insider techniques. Your concierge will share these expert strategies for your website that you can then discuss and have us implement.

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About Us

Our Goal

We want to give big-agency services to small to mid-sized businesses across the nation. We serve an elite group of websites, working with progressive business leaders who are eager to grow their business using expert strategy and professional support for their website. With the unique services WebCare® provides, we want to see all of the websites in our service stand out on the web and make a difference to each unique business or brand.

Our Standards

Each concierge of our WebCare® team has a minimum of 3+ years experience working exclusively with WordPress websites. Many also have a background in web design or development. Upon entering the WebCare® team, each teammate is trained for 6 months in SEO practices, user experience website design techniques, and advanced technical skills. Our team is provided with regular continued education so that we are constantly providing you a cutting edge service that keeps up with how quickly internet standards change.

Located in Scottsdale, AZ

WebCare® is a product of Jolly Creative Agency. All of our WebCare® staff is located in Arizona and California.

Month to month, no contract.

Canceling is easy – but 97% of customers stay at least a year.

We increased sales by 23% using this ONE strategy

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